“The crew and boat were absolutely fantastic. We went on a two hour cruise and they took us directly to a spot with 3-4 whales, along with the hundreds of sea lions that follow the anchovies. We were the only boat there for a good 45 minutes. The whales came so close to us; it was a “National Geographic” experience. Didn’t even need or use the binoculars we brought . The naturalist was informative yet didn’t constantly talk the whole time.”

Cheryl, 10/4/15

“Whale watching is great regardless of who you go with, but Blue Ocean is a cut above the rest.”

Colleen, 11/7/14

“Excellent experience with Blue Ocean. The nature information was great, she also knew when to let everyone just enjoy the experience. We sat quietly for 40+ minutes surrounded by 5 whales feeding. Saw pods if dolphins, otters, and more!”

Jennifer, 2/1/15
“Fantastic experience. Moss Landing is an especially good place to begin the journey, because that’s where the whales are. Also, allowing us to go up to the top deck to observe was wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable naturalist with a most pleasant demeanor, made this an exceptionally good trip. Can’t wait to do it again.”
James, 4/28/15

“My wife and I, and our 20 year old son went out last Saturday on the High Spirits with Captain Jim and Kate – had a wonderful trip! The boat was very nice – not too crowded and everybody seemed to really enjoy it. The operators were very friendly and informative, and made the whole experience fun and stress free – a very pleasant experience.

The part they couldn’t control was also outstanding – calm seas, beautiful weather, and loads of whales! I think we saw close to 50 whales on that one trip, and Jim and Kate did a great job of getting us in good positions to view them.Not only will we do this trip again soon, but we will enthusiastically spread the word – a magical experience!”

Robert, 4/18/15

“We can’t say enough about what a great trip Kate & Jim and crew put on. We go out with them every 6 weeks or so and we learn something new every trip. Of course leaping Humpbacks, dashing Orcas, and cruising Albatross help, too. As usual, at the end of the trip our faces hurt from smiling.”

The Henry’s, 5/9/15

“I’ve been out with Blue Ocean Whale Watch a handful of times, and every one has been a great experience. Kate, their naturalist, is super knowledgable and offers lots of interesting facts throughout the trip. Jim is an awesome captain who gets us close to the action, but keeps a respectful distance from the animals to ensure they don’t get stressed. We saw a dozen humpbacks, a cow and calf pair that approached the boat, and hundreds of common dolphins this trip. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Heather, 5/17/15

“We privately chartered the whole vessel. The crew were very friendly and helpful in all aspects and gave us some extra time since there were so many things to see. There were humpback whales all over the place. I have never been so close to these amazing mammals. It was a truly unforgettable experience. I’m sure we will do this again.”

Kenneth, 5/30/15

“There are several companies that operate whale watching trips out of Moss Landing, but Blue Ocean is far and away the best of them. I have gone on multiple trips with Blue Ocean and the others and every trip is unique and wonderful. The trips that stand out the most are the ones with Blue Ocean.

Both the captain and the naturalist, Kate are extremely knowledgeable and do an excellent job educating their guests. They do an incredible job to make the trips as smooth as possible and also to show as much variety of wildlife as possible. I am looking forward to many more trips with them.”

Donna, 7/10/15

‘Wow, I can’t stop thinking about what a wonderful time my husband and I had today out on the water with Blue Ocean Whale Watch!!! (2/21/2011) We were lucky enough to follow a mom and calf pair (early for this time of year). Kept them in sight for the better part of an hour or so.

Even though it was a chilly February day, we were able to stay cozy and warm inside Blue Ocean’s spacious main cabin. And with those large, clear windows you could see all the action. There were lots of wonderful jellies in the water – two different types. We saw sea lions, lots of otters, and several types of sea birds.

This boat handles like a dream – steady, sure, and very, very quiet. What they say on their website about the quiet engines is true! This is the first time I have ever been whale watching that I didn’t have to yell to be heard over the sound of the engines.

There is plenty of room to move about on this boat, including lots of room on the bow and at the side rails. You don’t have to climb over anyone to see the action, and you could go a long time without running into the same person twice. There is a wonderful section for kids a half-deck below the main cabin – lots of games, and ocean related activity sheets for them. The snack bar is stocked with soups, candy, chips, along with a nice assortment of nuts and they simply ask you to pay what you think you should – “The Karma System” was what the sign said. The “head” is actually a real bathroom – comfortable and private.

Captain Jim and Kate, the naturalist, are the owners of this boat/business. They could not have been nicer or more genuine if they tried. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend this whale watch company.’

KarenFelton, CA